All walks are completely free.

Fancy Free Walks is a voluntary non-profit-making organisation. All work is done in leisure time and all the walks are completely free of charge and can be browsed and downloaded by anybody (but see below).

Imaginative routes.

All the walks use imaginative and interesting routes. They often diverge from the well-known major routes that you find in standard texts and take unusual side paths. Any long dull or boring sections and the walk won't appear here.

Beautiful terrain.

The country walks here try to avoid as far as possible: main roads, ploughed fields, big towns. Country lanes, grassy meadows and villages are fine. You should get the feeling on a country walk of being 'out in the wild'. Dirty or polluted areas are avoided. If there's any litter, we encourage cleaning it up.

Respect for land.

These walks insist on respect for the town and countryside and on the rights and feelings of other walkers, local people and landowners. Although these walks use some unmapped paths, this site does not promote trespass and any path or even a complete walk may be changed or withdrawn if it infringes any such rights. Walkers are required to treat all routes, whether private or public, statutory or not, with consideration, not to picnic on permissive paths, not to drop litter or make any noise, to leave all gates as found, and generally to follow the country (or town) code.

Usage Rights and Copyright

The documents included in this website may be downloaded, printed and copied for use by individuals or groups. They must always be retained exactly as seen and must not be edited or re-formatted. (Please contact us if you would like any such changes.) They must not be incorporated, except by indirect reference, into any other document, website or publication. This is a free website and the contents must not be used commercially or for profit.


This is a free amateur website run by part-time walking enthusiasts. Each walking guide is only an account of one person's adventure at the time it was written. It is not a guarantee that the walk is legal or safe. Any advice given in the guides or on these pages is only a personal opinion and users should defer to official published guidelines.