National Grid Repairs: Hampshire

During 2020, the National Grid electric power lines between Fleet and Lovedean will undergo refurbishment. Over the 41-km roughly north-south stretch, they will be replacing the wires and insulators. This will necessitate planned closures of some footpaths which run underneath the wires.

Please check the list below showing walks that may be affected at different times. A summary and background will be found on the National Grid's website: Fleet to Lovedean Overhead Line Detailed notices relating to overhead line works can be found on Hampshire County Council's website: Notice No. 10741 Notice No. 10744

Looking at the route of the power lines, walks likely to be affected are:

   Basingstoke Canal and Dogmersfield (Eastern Loop).


   Bentley and Isington Mill.

   Alton and the Worldhams.

   East Tisted and Newton Valence.

   East Meon.

You can still do these walks! But you need to check the above websites to plan the walk so that it does not coincide with a temporary closure of some of the paths.
There will certainly be changes to the schedule and this webpage may need to be amended. In the meantime, please let us know of any updates that need to be made here.