A note from the Editor

Fancy Free Walks began in 2009 with a handful of followers and I answered two emails per week.

Since then it has grown exponentially as people pass on a good word to other people. I now have over 1650 correspondents and receive 50 emails per week (and growing!), a good percentage from new followers. Most of these require a thoughtful reply, careful editing and re-publishing.

It is hugely satisfying to keep these walks up-to-date - and this work will continue.

But I have to reduce the number of Feedback updates to a maximum of 15 per week.

That way, instead of sitting for hours in my ivory tower, with itchy feet, keeping the trouble-and-strife at bay, slurping endless cups of coffee, I can do other things, such as getting out, planning new walks, revising old ones, watching Michael Portillo and The Simpsons, and (yes, I remember!) relaxing with a book.

Contrary to the Banner Notice, Feedback is still receiving, but please note the following rules-of-thumb:

- If your message is not a request for an amendment, please put 'Thank You' somewhere in the Subject Line. I will then promise to read and re-read your email (it can be as long and amusing as you like) but I won't always reply.

- If your message is about an urgent change (not another bull please or yappy dog or fallen tree - I mean an explosion in the tearoom or a real hanging on Gibbet Hill) then put 'Urgent' somewhere in the Subject Line.

Certain 'trusteds' (yes, you know you are) will always be processed.

The rest - sorry - will simply not be stored or processed or replied to during the next week or so.

The other general mailbox info@fancyfreewalks.org is not affected.

When the volume of messages becomes manageable, the Banner Notice will take a break, or change to something milder.

Finally, please keep updates brief! Ideally 2 or 3 easy-to-edit changes.

See Guidelines for Corrections and Feedback.

Thank you!