15 Mar 2018: new Monster walk Haslemere-Guildford Monster

9 Mar 2018: new Monster walk North Downs Way Monster

2 Mar 2018: new Monster walk Ashdown Forest Monster

3 Feb 2018: new walk Guildford Station to the Church-on-the-Hill

7 Jan 2018: new walk Westcott and Wotton

7 Jan 2018: new walk Box Hill via Dorking Stations

31 Dec 2017: new walk Lonesome Ranmore Ramble

9 Dec 2017: new walk Silvertown and Docklands

10 Nov 2017: new walk Bank, Guildhall, Barbican, St Paul's, Inns of Court

22 Oct 2017: new walk Skirmett, Combe Wood and Turville

13 Oct 2017: new walk Turville Heath

28 Sep 2017: extended to Kings Cross Regent's Park, Camden Market

24 Sep 2017: new walk Little and Great Bedwyn

18 Sep 2017: revised Penshurst Rivers and Hills

13 Sep 2017: new walk Mayfield

21 Aug 2017: new walk Tewin and Bramfield

21 Aug 2017: new walk Tewin from North Welwyn Station

8 Aug 2017: new walk New Forest: Beaulieu Station, Lyndhurst

30 Jul 2017: new walk Great Gaddesden

26 Jul 2017: new walk Ayot St. Lawrence & Kimpton

26 Jul 2017: new walk Brocket Park & Coleman's Green

16 Jul 2017: new walk Whipsnade & Dunstable Downs

13 Jul 2017: revised Ashdown Forest, Visitor's Centre, Colemans Hatch

9 Jul 2017: revised Offham, Old Soar Manor, Platt

6 Jul 2017: revised Hambleden, the Weir, Medmenham

3 Jul 2017: new walk Wolstonbury Hill and Hurstpierpoint

1 Jul 2017: revised Shere Village & Little London

25 Jun 2017: new walk Broxbourne Woods

16 Jun 2017: new walk Shipbourne, Dene Park & Oxon Hoath

7 Jun 2017: new walk Twyford, Owslebury, Marwell

1 Jun 2017: revised Ditchling and Clayton Windmills

29 May 2017: new walk Devil's Punch Bowl: High Road & Pine Valley

23 May 2017: revised Winterfold Wood

17 May 2017: new walk Cocking and Heyshott & Ambersham Common

4 May 2017: Rusper pub walk 1 rewritten as non-pub walk Rusper: Hills and Forest

3 May 2017: new walk Clapham, Patching & the Monarch's Way

26 Apr 2017: new walk Meopham Green, Stansted & the Sweet Mile

24 Apr 2017: revised Ashdown Forest, Sheffield Forest

12 Apr 2017: new walk White Down and Dunley Hill

12 Apr 2017: new walk Ditchling Common

11 Apr 2017: revised Ashdown Forest, Church Hill, Withyham

7 Apr 2017: new walk Four Counties

31 Mar 2017: revised Leigh & Highridge Wood

31 Mar 2017: revised Esher West End & River Mole

27 Mar 2017: new walk Twickenham & Richmond Riverside

17 Mar 2017: new walk Farley Heath, Peaslake, Albury Heath

21 Feb 2017: re-drew map for Blackdown

14 Feb 2017: new walk St Martha and the Silent Pool

10 Feb 2017: re-drew maps for Woolbeding Common & Temple of the Winds

31 Jan 2017: new walk Box Hill, Mole Valley, Mickleham Downs

13 Jan 2017: new walk Shere and Gomshall

10 Jan 2017: new walk Box Hill, Ranmore & Denbies

22 Dec 2016: new walk Ranmore Common and Polesden Lacey

9 Dec 2016: new walk Caterham and the North Downs Way

29 Nov 2016: extra walk omitting MoD range Normandy

28 Nov 2016: new longer option for Vann Lake

28 Nov 2016: new walk Basildon Park

21 Nov 2016: added grid references where postcode is only approximate

16 Nov 2016: new walk Knowl Hill, Warren Row

9 Nov 2016: new walk West Hoathly & Gravetye Manor

31 Oct 2016: inserted charity donation option on homepage

28 Oct 2016: added more cross-references (when walk partly in another county)

28 Oct 2016: new walk Northchapel, The Lake & Birchfield Copse

21 Oct 2016: new walk Padworth & Wokefield Commons

20 Oct 2016: final revision to Hever and Cowden

20 Oct 2016: new option to Oxshott & Esher Commons

5 Oct 2016: new walk Midhurst Common

14 Sep 2016: revised Effingham and Polesden Lacey

13 Sep 2016: new walk Butser Hill

9 Sep 2016: revised Nymans

7 Sep 2016: new walk Kingley Vale & West Dean

30 Aug 2016: new walk Danehill

24 Aug 2016: new walk Fairlight & Guestling Wood

24 Aug 2016: new walk Winchelsea

13 Aug 2016: new walk Brimpton & Hampshire Border Forests

7 Aug 2016: new walk Hertfordshire Commons and Forests

2 Aug 2016: new walk Poundgate & The Hurstwood

8 Jun 2016: major changes to The Blue Ship pub walk

20 Jul 2016: new walk Watership Down & Ecchinswell

11 Jul 2016: new walk Basingstoke Canal and Dogmersfield

8 Jun 2016: major changes to Bookham Common and Slyfield

6 Jul 2016: new walk Barns Green pub walk

1 Jul 2016: new walk Fittleworth Pub Walk

16 Jun 2016: new walk Aston Village pub walk

8 Jun 2016: new walk Sonning-on-Thames

2 Jun 2016: new walk West Marden & Stansted Forest

2 Jun 2016: updated West Hoathly, Balcombe and the Bluebell Railway

2 Jun 2016: updated Horsted Keynes & Lindfield to clear up "path closures"

25 May 2016: new walk Stansted Forest & Rowlands Castle

19 May 2016: revised Cowden and Dryhill

19 May 2016: revised Cowden

18 May 2016: new walk Marsh Green and Dryhill

12 May 2016: new pub walk Walliswood: The Scarlett Arms

7 May 2016: new walk Hascombe & Winkworth Arboretum

1 May 2016: new walk Ebernoe Common & Kirdford

27 Apr 2016: new walk Speldhurst

25 Apr 2016: Revised Ashington & Woodland

27 Apr 2016: new walk Penshurst Pubs & Poundsbridge

23 Apr 2016: new walk Lurgashall & Lickfold

12 Apr 2016: new walk Winterfold, Jelley's Hollow, Lapscombe Lakes

10 Apr 2016: new walk Chiddingfold & Ramsnest

8 Apr 2016: new walk Farleigh Wallop

2 Apr 2016: new walk Crockham Hill

24 Mar 2016: revised + redrawn Around Weir Wood

17 Mar 2016: new walk Bletchingley

10 Mar 2016: redrawn maps in Chiddingfold Alfold walk

9 Mar 2016: expanded/reorganised all info pages, esp. Guidelines

5 Mar 2016: new walk Puttenham, Hogs Back, Wanborough Manor

28 Feb 2016: new walk Frensham Great Pond and Dockenfield

21 Feb 2016: new walk Chipstead Pub Walk with Shabden Park

14 Feb 2016: many corrections to Four Commons and a Mill

12 Feb 2016: new walk Merstham and St Margaret's Well

5 Feb 2016: revision of 1st section of Wisley Common

4 Feb 2016: revision of Beyond The Punch Bowl

18 Jan 2016: revised with new return leg Frensham Little Pond, Devil's Jumps, Sculpture Park

11 Jan 2016: split into two walks + big zipper Princes Risborough and Coombe Hill

26 Dec 2015: new walk Limpsfield Common

30 Nov 2015: new walk Effingham, Great Ridings, Little Bookham

27 Nov 2015: new walk Thursley, Hankley Common, Kettlebury Hill

23 Nov 2015: revision of Peaslake and the Hurtwood

28 Oct 2015: revision of Leigh and Highridge Wood

22 Oct 2015: revision of Shere Heath and the Hurtwood

20 Oct 2015: revision of Goring-on-Thames

16 Oct 2015: new walk Fetcham Downs and Bocketts Farm

16 Oct 2015: revision of Norbury Park and the Mole Valley

12 Oct 2015: new walk Tyndalls Wood and Nutcombe Down

5 Oct 2015: new walks Maidensgrove Common and the Chiltern Way, Bix and the Assendons

28 Sep 2015: new walk Bodiam Castle & Great Wigsell

25 Sep 2015: revision of Winterfold Wood

18 Sep 2015: new walk Epping Forest

12 Sep 2015: revision of Winkworth

10 Sep 2015: revision of Witley, Hambledon, Chiddingfold

10 Sep 2015: change to Ebernoe, Pugs Bottom, Lurgashall providing two-way short-cut options.

10 Sep 2015: change to Petworth Park, Lodsworth, Bexleyhill providing shorter options.

8 Sep 2015: new walks Leeds Castle, Hollingbourne

25 Aug 2015: revision of Hughenden & West Wycombe and Bradenham & West Wycombe now not called a Pub Walk

21 Aug 2015: revision of Woolbeding Common and the Temple of the Winds

19 Aug 2015: new walks Old Heathfield and Chiddingly

13 Aug 2015: revision of Chiddingstone, Penshurst and Horsley: The Lovelace Bridges

11 Aug 2015: revision of Weavers Down and Foley Manor

10 Aug 2015: revision of Coombe Hill, Whiteleaf Cross, the Hampdens

7 Aug 2015: new walks West Meon, Beacon Hill and Exton and Beacon Hill, Betty Mundy's Wood, Exton

25 Jul 2015: revision of Woolbeding Common and the Temple of the Winds Eastern circuit

21 Jul 2015: revision of Horsted Keynes, Lindfield and Horsted Keynes to Sheffield Park.

18 Jul 2015: revision of Bradfield, Bucklebury, Stanford Dingley.

16 Jul 2015: change to St Leonards Forest: shorter walks removing optional north route which is private land.

5 Jul 2015: revision of Devil's Punch Bowl and Waggoners Wells.

3 Jul 2015: revision of Marley Common.

25 Jun 2015: revision of Chanctonbury and Steyning eastern walk.

22 Jun 2015: revision of Hever and Cowden except shortcut.

19 Jun 2015: revision of Burton Mill and Sutton Common.

17 Jun 2015: renamed Seven Sisters-Beachy Head walk as Seven Sisters, Beachy Head, Eastbourne Monster and divided into two walks: Seven Sisters, Forest and Villages and Beachy Head and Eastbourne.

16 Jun 2015: revision of Gomshall and the North Downs clarifying crucial junctions.

11 Jun 2015: revision of West Hoathly, Balcombe and the Bluebell Railway except for shortcuts.

11 Jun 2015: corrections to Ashdown Forest, Sheffield Forest to warn of forestry work.

31 May 2015: revision of Knole and Ightham.

28 May 2015: extension to Farringdon, Chawton, Jane Austen's House avoiding main road.

27 May 2015: corrections to Richmond, Barnes, Kew.

21 May 2015: corrections to Esher West End and River Mole.

19 May 2015: corrections to Wisley Common.

19 May 2015: re-think of Hindhead & Blackdown with a separate Blackdown and Hindhead, Keffolds Copse & Gibbet Hill walks

17 May 2015: revision of Ashdown Forest, Chelwood Gate, Forest Row.

6 May 2015: corrections to Southwater and Madgeland Wood.

28 Apr 2015: revision of Charlwood Bluebell Walk and Charlwood Pub Walk for bluebell time!

25 Apr 2015: revision of Chiddingfold Alfold walk, giving reassurance about the shortcut in the woods.

24 Apr 2015: revision of Crockham Hill, Chartwell, Westerham walk, providing new route after closure of Chartwell woods to non-paying public.

20 Apr 2015: sent out Spring 2015 Newsletter.

17 Apr 2015: revision of Ebernoe, Pugs Bottom, Lurgashall walk.

13 Apr 2015: corrections to Hindhead Loop of Hindhead and Blackdown walk.

13 Apr 2015: corrections to Buriton walk improving the secret path near Finchdean.

10 Apr 2015: corrections to Warnham walk: there are no path closures. The Rowhook pub walk is affected though.

17 Mar 2015: corrections to Elstead and Frensham Ponds to avoid damp sections.

15 Mar 2015: corrections to Friday Street, Leith Hill, Holmbury Hill and Friday Street: Severells Copse and Kempslade Farm.

11 Mar 2015: Preview tabs now replaced with new map and GPX tabs.

7 Mar 2015: big problem with Preview tabs. Google Maps gives weird message 'redirect loop'. No idea why. Nothing was changed on this site. Only the new Google Maps must have changed. I'll have to assume it's a permanent limitation, not a bug. I may have to create the maps explicitly (using e.g. GPS Visualizer) and store them in a folder on the site. The ability to download the GPX will be retained somehow. Only 270 to do - so bear with me!

7 Mar 2015: corrections to Hammer Vale and Linchmere Common to improve section just after Linchmere.

5 Mar 2015: corrections to Sissinghurst and Frittenden.

24 Feb 2015: put county names on little mosaic map on front page: easier to select region. Pulled it up a bit on page.

12 Feb 2015: Hascombe and Hydon’s Ball completely revised.

3 Feb 2015: Albury Heath to Blackheath revised to improve directions.

1 Feb 2015: path on Wisley Common simplified after path became obscure and marshy.

16 Jan 2015: new symbols have been added for access by Rail () and Underground (Ω).

8 Jan 2015: Wonersh walk now has longer main option avoiding the main road into Wonersh and going through Shamley Green; original route is now a short cut option.

7 Jan 2015: Oxshott walk now has instructions for a start/end at Oxshott Station.

6 Jan 2015: Claygate-Ashtead walk now has instructions for a start/end at Ashtead Station.

31 Dec 2014: West Sussex split into 'Weald and Borders' and 'Downs and Sea'.

30 Dec 2014: Google Maps for Bird's Eye Views changed to point to each walk's entry in new webpages.

22 Dec 2014: Surrey regions were reorganised. According to the boundary lines on the "Surrey Regions" webpage, several walks were in the wrong region. For example, Puttenham, Tilbury and Frensham are in Surrey West. For the benefit of users who usually look in one location, a "tag" has been left wherever a walk was relocated. They will gradually be removed.

18 Oct 2014: A new half-way shortcut was been added to these walks, giving an option of two shorter walks: Leith Hill and Holmwood Common; Reigate Hill and Gatton Park; Fetcham Downs and Ranmore Common

July 2014: Revised with new maps: Durford Heath and Milland Mill