Ground Still Damp !

All our guides give advice on clothing and footwear. BUT please remember, this advice is relative and conditions can change according to weather and season.

We cannot update all the guides whenever there is a general change in the weather. So you may need to cover up more in some seasons and use boots or wellies when you would like to wear trainers. Don't forget - the guide could have been written several years ago on a lovely dry summer day. We try to predict seasonal changes but it's not easy!

Nettles and scratchy undergrowth

Some walks are planned in the winter months when growth of nettles etc. is minimal. During the summer, nettles, brambles and thistles may grow prolifically. Our advice is: always cover your legs, unless the walk is obviously on bare heath, wide chalky paths, etc. (read the description!).


The spring weather may be deceptive and there are still muddy patches. Please expect at least one more degree of dampness underfoot than suggested by the walk. For a long walk, we suggest always wear boots. You will be so pleased you have them on - in all seasons! Even if you're not into 'power walking', a stick (walking pole) or two can be a real benefit in slippery terrain. You might feel a bit over-equipped at first, but they can be really helpful over stiles and also just for maintaining momentum across a muddy crop field. They needn't be expensive.