Wet Weather Alert !

All our guides give advice on clothing and footwear. BUT please remember, this advice is relative and conditions can change according to weather and season.


Important! The recent relentless heavy rains and poor weather of January-March 2018 have resulted in a lot of water and mud on the paths. Hopefully this will dry out during the coming months and all this wetness and mud will be forgotten. In the meantime, please continue to walk but come prepared!

We are NOT going to update all the guides, so in general, expect one or two more degree of dampness underfoot than suggested by the walk.

Where the notes say "may be wet after rain", please read "extensively waterlogged and uncomfortable in winter".

Where the notes say "occasional muddy patch", please read "quite a lot of mud along several of the paths".

Where the notes say "boots optional", please read "ankle boots necessary".

Where a walk is described as "completely dry", please read "dry but with the occasional muddy patch".

For a short walk (1-4 miles), well-fitting wellies can be considered, despite this site's repudiation in the general notes.

A stick (walking pole) can help in slippery terrain. Walk on one side of the mud and use the pole to "straddle". A pole can be bought cheaply (e.g. 4.25 in Sports Direct).

Look for any narrow side paths which are not used by horses or bikes, especially in woodland.

If you come by car, bring a plastic can of water and brush the mud off your boots before you leave (for a pleasant homecoming!).