Dense Undergrowth in Summer !

After a hot dry spring, undergrowth may be especially dense and may sometimes seem to block your path completely. It's because our walks often choose less-used paths that few people walk and they can get choked by bracken, brambles, nettles and high grass. Fields may be dry and clumpy and you then need good boots to spare your ankles. Stiles often get overgrown, making them difficult to climb over. The walk you are doing may have been are planned in the winter months when undergrowth had died back. Please persevere BUT always cover your legs, and possibly your arms, unless the walk is obviously on bare heath, wide chalky paths, etc. (read the description!). If each walker could swish away just a little of the undergrowth with a stick etc., the path will gradually become unclogged!

Please be aware of the danger of ticks, some of which can spread lyme disease. (See the web literature about prompt action.) Early summer is a time for calving. Keep a good distance from cow and calf.

We cannot update all the guides whenever there is a general change in the weather or the season. We try to predict seasonal changes but it's not easy!

Even if you're not into 'Nordic hiking', a stick (trekking pole) or two can be a real benefit in overgrown terrain. You might feel a bit lumbered at first, but a pole can also help you over stiles and astride the occasional muddy patch. A pole need not be expensive.

All our guides give advice on clothing and footwear. BUT please remember, this advice is relative and conditions can change according to weather and season.