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Beautiful free classic walks with fresh creative imagination. In fine detail, fully mapped, plus GPX, spiced with history. Many of these walks find completely new routes, making them different from the walks that you find in a book or on one of the more official websites. Some of them make use of legal permissive paths, commonland, free access areas and local village paths to reveal wonderful new routes and land­scapes. Because these paths often change, this website is continually kept up-to-date, chiefly thanks to your feedback.

This website is a guide for people who love to walk, to observe and enjoy our incredible countryside (and town­scapes too) at a leisurely speed. Distances vary from a soothing 1 mile=1 km to a bone-shattering 26 miles=42 km.

If you like careful, precise directions all along the way, these walks are designed specially for you!

Our routes are found by sheer hard legwork, tracking, back-tracking and picking the best path out of many, not by sitting at home with a map!

Each walk is completely free. Just print it, download it or access it from your iPhone etc.

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New Berkshire: Padworth & Wokefield Commons 8 miles; W.Sussex: Midhurst Common 5 miles; Hants: Butser Hill 7 miles; W.Sussex: Kingley Vale & West Dean 10 or 7 miles; E.Sussex: Danehill 5 miles; Fairlight & Guestling Wood 7 miles; Winchelsea 7 miles; Berkshire: Brimpton & Hampshire Border Forests 7 miles; Chilterns: Hertfordshire Commons & Forests 8 miles; E.Sussex: Poundgate & The Hurstwood 7 miles; Hants: Watership Down & Ecchinswell 10 miles; Basingstoke Canal & Dogmersfield 7 to 3 miles; W.Sussex: Barns Green: The Queens Head (pub walk) 5 miles; Fittleworth Pub Walk: A Swan & Two Commons 2 miles; Berkshire: Aston Village: The Flowerpot (pub walk) 6 or 5 miles; Chilterns: Sonning-on-Thames 7 miles; W.Sussex: West Marden & Stansted Forest 8 miles; Stansted Forest & Rowlands Castle 6 miles Kent: Marsh Green & Dryhill 4 miles Surrey: Walliswood: The Scarlett Arms (pub walk) 3 miles; Hascombe & Winkworth Arboretum 11 miles W.Sussex: Ebernoe Common & Kirdford 9 miles;